At Fridays Off we have a 12-week deep dive discovery process to identify, review, refresh and improve how a business is run.

We review how:

  • Problems are solved and decisions made
  • Business goals & objectives are set
  • The culture and values are set, maintained and how they influence decision making and prioritization
  • Business performance is set and achieved
  • Personal performance is set and achieved
  • Staff engagement and retention is maintained
  • Standards are set and maintained
  • Customers expectation are met or exceeded
  • Systems and technology enhance business performance
  • Leaders lead and managers manage

Then we identify the gaps and build a 12-week project and implementation plan, implementing such things as:

Our goal is to have the management team step up and take over more of the day to day running of the business, freeing up the business owner to operate as a Managing Director should. This results in a business that is more scalable, duplicable and ultimately a more valuable business asset.