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Five Reasons Why Employment Development is Key to Success

Is it still worth investing in peoples’ training and development when retention is such a serious challenge for most businesses in this day and age?  The above statement almost seemed not quite right as I was verbalising it to myself. Surely investment in people has to be an ongoing no brainer ‘Yes’ answer, or is…

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Dichotomy of Control: What can you really control?

One of the tenets of Stoic philosophy is what is called the ‘Dichotomy of control’. That means clearly understanding what is within our ability to control and what falls outside our direct control. The resulting generally accepted wisdom is to focus only on what is within our power to control.   For example, a student…

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The Practical Application of Ancient Wisdom

“Travel only with thy equals or better. If there are none, travel alone.” – The Dhammapada 5th Century BC Have you ever been in that situation where you are with someone who exudes far too much negative energy and you simply want to run away as fast as you can?  However, you were brought up…

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You Can’t Google Wisdom!

Friday’s Off expose the 7 attributes of wise people in the context of decision making “There is something here I do not know, the knowing of which could change everything.” – Neale Donald Walsh Have you ever had that nagging feeling that something does not feel right about the decision you are about to make?…

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Fridays Off with Steve Clark

Steve Clark entered the personal and business improvement industry in the year 2000. Prior to that, he held a number of corporate positions in larger companies, many of those in overseas locations over a 20-year period. Much of that work involved long periods away from his young family, and as a result, his work-life balance…

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How To Make Smart Business Decisions More Often.

Friday’s Off Explains why Perfectly Intelligent Business Owners Continue to Make Dumb Decisions Let me say from the outset that any business owner who has built a successful business is smart. Sure, there may have been some good luck or helping hands along the way, but on the whole, they have been smart to get…

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Sergey Bubka never asked for the bar to be lowered

Sergey Bubka was a Ukrainian pole vaulter (retired in 2001) who held the indoor world record from the 21st of February 1993 to the 15th of February 2014. Sergey held the record for 21 years! Do you think Sergey, when he was competing at the World Championships or Olympics, ever asked the officials to lower his vault heights…

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New Year Resolutions and the ‘Death Rattle’

5 strategies to avoid the death rattle and keep your resolutions alive and well Cricketer’s will be familiar with the term ‘death rattle’ which is when they are batting and miss a ball directed at the stumps the familiar sound of wickets breaking can be heard, and your time at the batting crease is over. Research shows…

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How to Instill Wisdom in Young People

“Can a young person be considered wise?” I was at a business function recently where this question was posed to the room without much resolution. Some people had their own personal views based on experience, instinct or belief. But there does not appear to be much scientific data to specifically support an answer either way.…

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How to be More Committed: As an Employer or Employee

World famous business consultant and author Peter Senge has written in his best-selling book ‘The Fifth Discipline’ that: Real commitment is rare in today’s organisations, 90% of the time what passes for commitment is ‘compliance’. Is he right? WHAT DOES ‘COMPLIANCE’ LOOK LIKE IN A BUSINESS? People merely ‘going through the motions’ to get through…

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Are you guilty of willful blindness in your business?

Willful blindness is a term used in law to describe a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping himself or herself unaware of facts that would render him or her liable. In other words, turning a blind eye to things that clearly should have been noticed.…

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4 Great Reasons Why Family Businesses Are Better

A great deal of my business life as an advisor and business coach has been working with family businesses I enjoy working with them and I will share my four main reasons why. Note these reasons can equally be viewed from the perspective of a non-family employee. There are powerful lessons here for business owners…

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