If you are the owner of a small to medium business in Australia without a business partner or advisory board, I will operate as your outsourced business partner. I will stand side byside with you to drive the business forward, to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and the business.

This can range from creating and implementing the following:

• 2-5-year business plans
• Vision, culture, values, and mantras
• Operational or current years business plans
• Performance management systems – people
• Performance management systems – business
• PStandards, processes and systems


What our client say

Our Eight Step Process


CLARIFICATION meaning being clear and precise on the idea and project including the answering of some key exploratory questions.


VALIDATION is beta testing to confirm the idea or project has validity in terms of being viable and generating the desired outcomes.


CREATION of the necessary strategy or solution roadmap in detail.


DEFINITION meaning determined the detailed action steps including prioritising the order of their execution.


ASSIGNMENT of roles & responsibilities which could involve recruitment and management of outside specialist consultants in certain areas.


IMPLEMENTATION of the action steps in accordance with a detailed plan. This is where ‘the rubber hits the road’.


REALISATION of the benefits to ensure that we can track & measure results using valid criteria. This also includes any turnaround strategies or ‘tweaks’ that may be required to get the project back on track if required.


EMBEDDING the benefits which means installing knowledge management & other processes to add that ‘stickiness or glue’ to the implemented solutions.

Due to the bespoke nature and tailored solutions the pricing will be based on a consultative approach on a case by case basis.

Client testimonials

Here are some of the ideas and projects I have helped to successfully launch over recent years.

• Installing and training a management team for an electrical services firm to enable the business owner to step back from the day to day running of the business without experiencing a loss of profits or control.


• Build a new customer experience model for an IT company.


• Installing a self-managed performance review & accountability process for a property development company.


• Complete systems and process systems overview and optimisation including knowledge management system for a software development company.


• Creating a value proposition, soft IP and proprietary processes for an outsourced Chief Technology Officer.

• Design and implement the company’s first integrated strategic, operational and marketing plan for a parking systems & management services company.


• Designed and implemented holistic KPI’s and their measurement criteria for a managed IT services firm.


• Implementing a board of management structure for a number of businesses including advice on member composition.


• Designing and implementing a 3-year profitable exit strategy from the business for a fire protection business.


• Helping remove a business partner that was not pulling his weight from a home automation business.


• Reviewing and crafting the perfect pitch for the perfect client based in the public relations industry.

Design the business you want, learn the skills required and be coached to bring your business vision to reality. Contact Steve today to get started.

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