Steve Clark entered the personal and business improvement industry in the year 2000. Prior to that, he held a number of corporate positions in larger companies, many of those in overseas locations over a 20-year period. Much of that work involved long periods away from his young family, and as a result, his work-life balance was virtually zero. Steve felt he missed out on some of those precious early growing years of his three young children. Little did he realise at the time, but here the early origins of Friday’s Off thinking was born! Despite his professional success, Steve wanted more, for himself and others.

Steve felt he and other professionals had sacrificed years of their recreational and family life to achieve success. He witnessed this particularly with other business owners and throughout his own experiences.

‘The time spent building our careers and businesses is so rewarding and fulfilling, it literally is one of the joys of life. On the other hand, so are the other joys like family, friends and worthwhile recreational pursuits and in a heartbeat, life can pass us by if we don’t pay attention and get the balance right.’

From this passion, Steve created Fridays Off. Fridays Off is a business coaching and training program that aims to achieve Friday’s off for business owners, without losing profit, quality or control. Fridays or not, Steve’s program creates increased discretionary time off for a business owner, to reclaim time, which after all, is often our most scarce resource.

Fridays Off works over 90 days, using five implementation steps. During this period, Steve applies his experience coaching some 150+ companies, to identify where a business can combine the best of people and the best of the process to work smarter and achieve more with less. In fact, one day less for the business owner!

Steve views every business as a saleable asset, an asset that has real value and ultimately can be positioned for sale over time, should that be a consideration. The first milestone of that journey is Friday’s off.

The five steps of Fridays Off

  1. Maximising effectiveness of the business owner in their role
  2. Build, unite and engage the management team
  3. Hardwire the business DNA
  4. Improve overall personal productivity
  5. Optimise technology.

This coaching program differs from others because the promises Steve makes, he fulfills on. Steve guarantees a 20 percent increase in KPIs within your business; that’s exactly one fifth…or one Friday off per week!

One of Fridays Off’s first clients dreamed of an 8-week holiday but needed help making a seamless transition to the management team they were leaving in charge of their business. They trusted the Fridays Off process and this is what they said:

‘We hired Steve Clark to help…build a planning pathway that included ensuring our management team had the confidence, skills and process to manage in our absence. We are pleased to report that our trip was awesome and that the management team did a great job and credit must go to Steve for the way he helped us prepare.’ – Luke Forrest, Forrest Electrical Group.

Steve believes irrefutably the one thing he brings to the table is wisdom; ‘you cannot Google wisdom, rather wisdom is the ability to take knowledge and put a context and framework around it that makes sense to the individual. That’s what my program is all about.’ Steve’s insightful book titled ‘Friday’s Off’ is currently in the works. It expands on all things Fridays Off and will reveal more about the man behind the mantra.

In the meantime, if Fridays off sounds good to you, contact Friday’s Off or email Steve at for more information.