What is the Friday’s Off Masterclass Program?

The Friday’s Off Masterclass is a program designed to provide business owners and their management teams with the practical knowledge and tools to build and sustain a Friday’s Off business. This means, you as the business owner can take a step back from the day to day running, confident in knowing it is in safe and secure hands: 

  • The management team is fully competent and trained
  • Profitability, quality, customer service and culture remain intact as a pre-requisite
  • The business is 20% more efficient and effective

The principles outlined in Steve’s book ‘Friday’s Off’ will form the backbone of the program and will be fully explained, taught, and implemented. A Friday’s Off business is a far more saleable asset given the implemented strategies.  

Masterclass Program Details

How long is this program?

  • Two initial full one day sessions in groups or 12 months tailored in a one-on-one setting.  
  • Nine monthly half day working sessions from 8.30am to 12.30pm for groups plus additional half day per month spent in the workplace by Steve assisting implementation

How is this program delivered?  

  • Can be delivered on a one on basis or in small groups of 6-8 business owners
  • Face to face in a workgroup setting
  • Some Zoom meetings   
  • Face to face in the workplace with business owner and their management team  

The Friday’s Off Masterclass Difference

  • This program combines the core elements of coaching, training, consulting, and mentoring. You get the best of 4 worlds based on Steve’s experience
  • It is strongly workshop based in that we create actual solutions from day 1 and its simply not a talk fest
  • It is based on Steve’s book which is chock full of practical case studies and learning tools
  • The training and development extend to the management team
  • On top of the workshop time, Steve allocates time for this to be successfully implemented in the workplace. He works beside you to ensure this occurs