If you stand, stand. If you sit, sit. Above all don’t wobble  – Unknown Zen Master. 

One of the interesting things about quotes is that it enables us to use our imagination as to their meaning and interpretation. What a wise sage wrote some 2000 or so years ago and really meant to say is left open to our collective imagination and reflective wisdom.

We can make an educated guess based on other evidence or facts about that person but we may never really know with absolute clarity.

My middle son was asking why I like quotes so much and why does something expressed so long ago have any relevance today? I thought that was a fair question and one that many young and other people would have. After all, isn’t what happened in our parent’s day and earlier so lame and out of date?

I replied to some extent that’s true, as we all know that change happens at the speed of light in today’s world particularly concerning science and technology. However, some things should not change because they strike at the heart of our humanity that’s hard-wired into our genetic code.

For example, the following should not change;

  • The strong bonds we have with family
  • The respect for the sanctity of human life
  • The core human values like love and respect that govern our day to day behaviour

…and for forth, the list is too long.

The right quote can powerfully emphasis meaning with just a short number of words. It can ‘cut to the chase of meaning’. It can get one’s message through in a way no other medium can, in my view.

There is universal wisdom in the right words if we simply take the time to reflect, contemplate and importantly apply the meaning to release its potential in our lives.

Now, back to the quote which in a business sense to me is referencing Clarity of purpose, direction and action. In simple terms it means;

Decide what you stand for and what you want, including what you don’t want, and pursue those goals with passion and purpose without deviation’

The challenge in the above statement for many people is in knowing what they really want from their personal and business lives. Unfortunately, many people find themselves where they are today through what we may call ‘the drift of life’.

Where we find ourselves in life right now is due to sets of circumstances some of which were within, and some outside of our control. Irrespective, the good news is we have the chance to decide what we do with our lives from this point forward.

However, if we lack that ‘clarity of purpose’ that’s where the ‘wobbling’ can occur, and like driftwood floating on an endless sea you could end up on a random beach barren of the things you long for and love.

The following are a few good questions to help tease this clarity of purpose out:

  1. What does success in life mean to me?
  2. In what ways does that success manifest itself?
  3. What really gets me excited, buzzing and feeling alive?
  4. Who are the people in life that matter most to me?
  5. What are their expectations of me and vice versa?
  6. What do I need to do to more closely align those expectations?
  7. How close to success am I in all other areas of my life?
  8. What are the key things standing between me and that success?
  9. What can I do to move closer to that success starting right now?

I’m not suggesting that these questions are the only best questions to ask as a multitude of self-help type books will have their own. However, I do know they work for me, and the conversations and insights that emerge can be enlightening, and often life-changing.

My advice would be to find a qualified and empathetic person whether that be a trusted friend or life coach to help facilitate and work on aspects of this journey with you.

It’s virtually impossible to do on your own primarily caused by challenges of subjectivity & accountability. This is based on my own 20+ years’ experience in this field.

If you are a ‘wobbler’ at this point in time, take solace from the fact that it is only ‘this point in time’. However, that is only true if you regard this as a transition point in life and take the time to move to from where you are right now, to where you need to be to deliver on your purpose & potential.

Understand that each stage will be a new learning experience full of challenges, opportunities, frustrations and joyous discovery moments all rolled into one. So, enjoy the ride and take the time to smell the flowers of your choice along the way, don’t let this all be about tomorrow.

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